Estos son relatos de algunas de mis aventuras. Espero las encuentre tan entretenidas como yo. ¡Al menos las que me he decido a escribir! Y sí, la mayoría son en Spanglish... :-)


It started as a 'normal' Wednesday. I woke-up before sunrise for what promised to be a really long day. Nonetheless I wanted to do it all. I was amazed to arrive at the Natatorium only to find myself and the coach sharing a lane. All the 'Arizonians' were absent and for a second, I wonder about the sanity of my decision to practice on 'travel day'. By the end of the swim session I was in heaven.

There is something about swimming that has a therapeutic effect on me. While swimming, silence is only broken by the sound of the breath and every movement requires that mind-body-breath connection that yogis search for. What has taken me years to attain in the mat, happens naturally in the pool. I can even hear the soft and endless chant of my mantra as the water splashes over and over.